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Why do not you see the party logo on the banknotes?

Belgian policy

Only the name Рnot the logo Рof the political parties will appear in the votes to be filled, either in paper or electronic, by voters in the European, legislative and regional elections on May 26, SPF Intérieur said Monday, claiming insufficient memory in USB keys used in voting operations.

In the last European, federal and regional elections in 2014, the party logo was on all the ballot papers at the top of the list.

But this time, the Interior Federal Public Service (FPS) provided an audio module in electronic newsletters, for the blind and visually impaired. This has the effect of consuming a portion of the memory in the internal storage space that is supplied with the USB keys used for the electoral operations.

The SPF Interior has therefore decided to remove party logos to avoid any problems, a spokesman said.

And to ensure equal treatment, no logo will be printed on printed bulletins, he told the Belgian news agency.

The audio module will only be used experimentally in two cities in Flanders (Aalst and Mechelen). But again, for reasons of equal treatment, the suppression of logos was extended to all newsletters throughout the country – as was already the case in the communal elections of October 14.

According to the Interior SPF, the political parties were informed of this decision and "none of them protested."

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