Who will be our next prime minister? Give us your opinion by replying to our survey!


Monday, Jan Jambon (N-VA) was introduced as a candidate for prime minister. According to the Flemish nationalist, it is logical that the post should return to the first part of the country. And on Wednesday, Mr. Georges-Louis Bouchez's spokesman estimated that Charles Michel would be a better prime minister. He also called the PS to reveal who his candidate for the Premier position was. Before the elections, these applications are relatively new. Before, it was more of a taboo subject.

After two first Francophones (Di Rupo, then Michel), it would be logical that the post returned to a Flemish. But you know in this confusing Belgium!

If some candidates are already known, others remain discreet. The following is a list of some potential candidates for the position of Head of Federal Government. Which one do you prefer to succeed Charles Michel? Answer our survey.


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