Wall Street regains some strength after opening


Wall Street regains some strength after opening

The facade of the New York Stock Exchange, August 20, 2018 Andrew CABALLERO-REYNOLDS

Wall Street advanced on Tuesday after opening a few minutes earlier in a market anesthetized by mid-term US elections, whose results are expected late in the evening.

Around 1450 GMT, the Wall Street index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, rose 0.24 percent to 25,521.78 points.

The Nasdaq index, with a strong technological color, advanced 0.75% to 7,383.87 points.

The broad S & P 500 index rose 0.36% to 2,748.09 points.

The New York Stock Exchange closed on a disorganized Monday on the eve of the election, investors cautious, abandoning technology stocks in favor of companies considered less volatile: the Dow Jones had gained 0.76% and the Nasdaq lost 0 , 38%.

The first US polls opened on the east coast at 6:00 am Tuesday, and a few hours later, most states welcomed voters to nominate their representatives to Congress, two years after Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election .

In contrast to polling station waiting lines, "there is little movement to report on the markets because there is literally no concrete evidence on which to base the elections," Patrick O. Hare Briefing said.

"That will come tomorrow," he added.

In the absence of tangible elements, market observers were therefore lost in the work of divination and seemed divided over the consequences of the various scenarios.

"If Democrats win the majority in the House of Representatives, we can expect a multitude of investigations in 2019 (related to the business around Donald Trump) and an attempt to annihilate some of their reforms," ​​he said. especially Charles Schwab's analysts.

However, they say, "these attempts will not necessarily be successful because of a less divided Senate and the possibility of the president using the veto."

Although most political and financial analysts predict a split Congress after the vote, "a surprise would not be surprising after the series of research failures we witnessed around the world in recent years," he said. Karl Haeling of LBBW.

In the bond market, the 10-year US debt ratio approached strongly from its previous day's level of 3.204%, compared with 3.201% on Monday night, and the 30-year debt rate at 3.425%, compared to 3,428% % Last day.

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