Monday , April 19 2021

VIDEO – Iris Mittenaere talks about her precarious life after her parents' divorce

On November 17, Iris Mittenaere was invited to the Terranian Saturday plateau to present her book Always believe. The opportunity for the former Miss Universe to return to her childhood marked by precariousness.

While she trains for hours on Anthony Colette's arm to walk on Saturday night at Dance With The Stars, the beauty queen still takes the opportunity to promote her book, published May 7. last November at HarperCollins Publishing. Always believe, a book "a bit autobiographical"As Iris Mittenaere describes herself, in which she returns in particular in her childhood. A period marked by the divorce of her parents, which occurred when she was only three years old.

The girl goes out to live with her mother, her brother, Baptiste and her sister Cassandre, as Thierry Ardisson reminded us. All in "Spartan comfort, no hot water, two electrical outlets"To use the words of the animator."Yes, it was minimalist, but in fact we did not realize it because my mother is very positive. " The one who was elected Miss Universe 2016 went on to explain, "He seemed to play really. She told us, "Well, let's cook the potatoes in the fireplace." And we thought it was cool, we did not realize it was because we could not cook the potatoes because we did not have a stove."Life light years away from the rhinestones and sequins of the universe Miss.

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