Version of Harry Potter & # 39; Pokémon Go: the long awaited video game comes out this Friday (and soon in Belgium …)


The first thing to keep in mind is that the official date of launch of the game – Friday, June 21 – concerns only the United States and the United Kingdom. While waiting for an availability in Belgium, here is a first glimpse of the long-awaited Harry Potter – Unite Wizards.

In 2007, 12 years ago, the last volume of the Harry Potter saga (The Deathly Hallows) came out. It put an end to one of the largest and most unexpected phenomena in the history of literature: the 7 volumes (1997-2007) passed 500 million copies distributed in 140 countries and 80 languages.

And it does not include derivative products, starting with films (2001 – 2011), plays, museums, theme parks, etc.

If we talk about it now, it's because Niantic and WB (for Warner Bros) Games San Francisco is about to launch a smartphone video game: "Harry Potter – Wizards Unite".

The Niantic editor specializes in augmented reality (that is, add virtual elements to reality). We owe them another unexpected phenomenon: Pokémon Go, which triggered the crowd during the summer of 2016.

Harry Potter in real life?

The Wizards Unite is not the first, and probably not the last, video game to explore the hugely popular Harry Potter license. But given the success of the Pokémon Go, you are entitled to the full attention of the general public.

The concept of the game? Keep "secret" the famous world of magicians, despite an attack of which he is a victim. We should take "Retrovirals", which are relics, creatures, characters or even memories of this world of magicians, but sent to the real world (the Muggles, for those who know) because of a mysterious phenomenon called "Calamity."

As a new player, you join the "Magic Secret Intervention Group".

The object of the game is to geographically locate these objects during your walks and cast spells to return them to the magical world. Each returned object will give you unique rewards. For this real-world exploration dotted with virtual, multiplayer missions are added in dungeons to overcome boss (Death Eaters, Dementors, etc …), and a background story: the investigation of this mysterious calamity.

As a Pokémon Go, the game is poised to evolve: it is necessary to expect punctual events in specific places (parks, monuments, etc …) and other meetings, sometimes sponsored if success is at the meeting point, to encourage the players.


Not immediately in Belgium

The official date of launch of the game is Friday, June 21. But as confirmed by the latter tweets of official game account, the initial deployment concerns the United States and the United Kingdom.

For the rest of the world, we advise you to stay tuned until the announcement, including via social networks. There is no set date for availability in our country.


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