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Vaccination grippe 2019 – eVous

After my reminder of the sentinels in which we indicate that the cases of grippe are not in significant augmentation, this is the time to become a vacciner, but it is late in the afternoon to commence.

Plus types of circulating grippaux virus auto-hiver virus in France. If you have a virus, you will see a different spread. It is necessary for vaccination to be adapted and renewed for effective treatment.

In effect, check out, the people are not admired in the cause of respiratory complications. Most of them are among the vaccines and present a risk factor for complications.

Rappelons that grip the encore and encore all of the hundreds of people. He is advised to vaccinate all his active circulation of the virus grippaux. It is a vaccin efficace and bien toléré par l'organisme.

The grippe is known to be considered to have a common infection, it is due to an infected malady, caused by the influenza virus, which may cause the spread of the series notably respiratory.

In France, the virus is usually among the most dubious people and mars and touche that hits the millions of people.

Car in general and this is the grippe that you want to see, directly the maladies, plus the complications that result. The consequence is that it has a pulmonary affection, a pneumonitis, and a vital pronoun, but quickly.

For more than 80 years, the name of the medecins and the best recommendation is for the vaccination with the increase of the pneumococcal sachets for the immune system, the vaccines pneumo 23 and the Prenatal.

Sachez would like to have an environment 15 days between the moment of vaccination and the moment he is protected against the grippe saisonnière. This is the time required for the immune system to react to the vaccine. The vaccin will be required to vote for a traitant or an infirmire (ie). The vaccination of the soignants and the occupying persons of jeunes enfants or of the personnes is also living accordingly.

In vais faisant vacciner, vous évitez:

A strong fièvre (pouvant monter jusqu'à 40 ° C)

Toux seiche flying with complications

An intense fatigue and courbatures

In his cell, he forcibly passed on the maladies, but the symptoms were more than minor clauses.

Vaccin gratuit, les conditions:

The badassurance in a unique way for the mission of the reimbursements, the more aider to be rewarded with the most certain maladies: the momentum between the people, the cadre of the pre-prevention program against the grippe, the free gift du vaccin anti-grippe sous certaines conditions:

les personnes â from 65 ans et plus

les femmes enceintes que so le quarter de grossesse

les personnes sous ALD attendees of certaines affections

the diabetic or obese personnes

6 moins nourrissons familial l'entourage present with severe grippe risque facteurs

the personnes sejournant dans a suite so établissement ainsi that dans a medical-social établissement d'hébergement quel que so l'âge

Les professionnels de santé

Of course, the person who receives a courrier with a formula has a social security center. If you are in the past, contact the votre center de sécurité sociale et votre medecin traitant.

Souffle Foundation against Maladies Respiratoires:

What does the Maison du Poumon say:

The grippe is due to the Myxovirus influenzae virus, but there are three types (A, B, C). You are infected with three infections. Contamination if fait, only by airborne, via micro-gouttelettes, mems to infectious subjects (lores d'une salons, touc acces or parole arrest), only to contact with an infected person (poignée) of main) or a touch object for a malade (poignée of size, bar of maintenance in the bus or the metro…).

The Souffle Foundation aims to pass on all the implied actions to the national plan in the fight against the respiratory maladies. It is notably noted for the mission of raising and overcoming the project envelope of Recherche, in combating the respiratory maladies and causes, thanks to the finances obtained by means of public funds and genres.

In the case of a smoking cessation, the Foundation has also been able to provide more or less substitute nicotinical or non-profit substitutes for consultations organized by the independent committees.

66, boulevard St Michel, 75006 Paris

T.01 46 34 58 80

– and more of the infusions of the grippe evolution in France with the sentinel:


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