Unfounded rumors of rape in a 4-year-old girl in Schaerbeek: how to explain collective hysteria?


Instead of giving way to relief, the announcement of the absence of rape in a 4-year-old girl in Schaerbeek exacerbated the suspicions of some parents of students and people out of the number 1 school in Schaerbeek. Demonstrations occurred in front of the school, causing damage. Two people were arrested, one judicially, the other administratively. How can we explain this deep emotion and mistrust regarding the results of research, or even institutions such as justice, police and schools?

Initially, there are careful parents who, not knowing how to explain the presence of blood in their 4-year-old daughter's underwear, fear the worst: their son may have been sexually assaulted in the enclosure. his school (school No. 1 in Schaerbeek). But when justice announces the absence of rape at the girl at the end of a police investigation and medical examination, some shout at the lie. From the beginning, this case has aroused great emotion, amplified by rumors, false beliefs, social networks and distrust of institutions. Not to mention the sensitive historical context of Belgium related to the Dutroux case.

In the face of bloodstains, a mother fears the worst

On Thursday, April 25, a mother picks up her son at the first elementary school in Schaerbeek. She notices that the child has blood on her panties. She is very worried and worried that her son has been sexually assaulted and returns to school around 4 pm to report the facts. The management receives the mother from the family, listens and informs the nurse and the municipal administration. The girl is immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. As is the procedure in such cases, doctors inform the police of the situation. A specialist is assigned to take the forensic samples to the girl.

The information circulates hastily and leaves room for confusion

According to our exclusive information from a source close to the investigation, the interpretation of a small sentence pronounced by the girl would be the origin of the amplification of the case. In fact, during the medical examination, the spinning rope was squirming, and in order to effectively examine their inner parts, the doctors performed a very light anesthesia. When she woke up, the little girl was a bit confused. The members of his family would have discussed with them again the facts of the school, asking if anyone had touched their private parts. According to our source, the girl would have responded "He's a tall man like you, Dad.Was she talking about the doctor who anesthetized her, a member of the medical team who stripped her to take the exam, and in the eyes of some he did not need more to encourage her? his belief and confirm his rape thesis.

From this moment, and while no investigation has been successful, the rumor circulates, in the form of a pure and simple affirmation:A girl was raped in Schaerbeek ". At RTLINO, we're starting to get many screen shots of messages that are spreading fast on Facebook and WhatsApp. The emotion is such that no one checks or contradicts them.

The press is trying to do its investigative work. But she was able to participate despite some confusion: the various news sites speak of "suspected rape"in suspected rape", involuntarily sowing problems in the minds of some readers.

Blood smears are not caused by rape but by genital infection

The messages circulating on social networks are not conditionally written: doctors are said to confirm that rape has occurred. This information is false. In fact, doctors report an infection that suffers the girl who causes bleeding. Some sources also mentioned a "injuryA girl from a community in West Africa, would she have experienced excision at a young age that would have caused an infection? Do you suffer from a malformation? Nobody knows. , the infection suffered by the girl is known, but investigators do not detail it for the press because of medical secrecy.

According to our source close to the investigation, in addition to the infection, the girl "It's ok"She behaves judged"normal"and"reassuring".

But some do not believe it. Calls to the event are posted. 250 people, most of whom are outside of School No.1, are angry and express this. Overflows occur, damage is caused. A 30-year-old girl is legally arrested, a man is administratively and the mayor decides to close the school until further notice and make a complaint.

Justice announces absence of rape and some shouting for lies

On Monday, April 29, a child's videotaped hearing is conducted by expert investigators with the help of an interpreter so the girl can once again explain the course of events. Based on this hearing, from all those involved in the case, from information gathered by specialized investigators and medical examinations, the court announces the outcome of the investigation: the girl was not raped. .

Problem: Rumors circulating in social networks since the beginning of the case left traces. The seed was planted and the idea of ​​rape, which sprouted in the minds of several student parents, as well as out-of-school people, gradually became a belief. Have these people begun to doubt the honesty of the police and justice or have they suspected it before? Faced with the facts advanced by the king's lawyer, the emotion was exacerbated instead of causing relief.

At the time of writing, and while the absence of rape should reassure and appease all concerned people, some of them are shouting lies, revealing a great suspicion of such institutions as justice. , police or even school. Distrust may be linked to a sometimes difficult journey in Belgium or unpleasant relations with such institutions.


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