Two houses full of mistreated dogs in Manage: "There were animals on every floor" (PHOTOS)



La Louvière SPA seized dogs on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, SPA La Louvière carried out a major rescue operation, supported by La Louvière police and its green unit and the Mariemont police area. The teams made a convulsion in two houses belonging to a pair of octogenarians who "Collected" pets at home. "Our refuge could count on the support of a friendly refuge, Sans Collier, who was able to take with us some of the animals confiscated", comments the SPA.

The arrest began around 10:30 and ended around 2:00 p.m. "A number of older dogs were crammed into cages that were sometimes tiny, and a total of two houses were visited by the teams, each of which was occupied by animals on every floor, and the living conditions were deplorable from permanent confinement."

Most animals have health problems. "All the animals were seen by our veterinarian who was able to give them a first examination and first aid"continues the SPA. "Many are very old, but suffer in addition to heart problems, edema, flea infestation, their nails bent so much that they were long."

According to the SPA, homeowners are affected by what is called Noah's Syndrome. A mental illness that involves possessing many pets. "These people even bought a second home to be able to" store them. "They have more than they can shelter, feed and heal properly, and at the same time these people are in total denial and refuse to see that they are doing well beyond its limits. "

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