"Today, I would not dare look at a woman in the eye or greet her without even thinking …"


Pierre Degand seems more "entrepreneurial" than elegance or a fighter of environmental mediocrity than a creator or lesson giver. Meeting.

"OThe bar is still closed on Mondays. explains a young man looking with pity before adding: "But if it is for Pierre, it is always open! It's the boss who said that. You must admit that it's very chic to have the two bars for yourself – finally for Pierre – and we honestly do not appreciate having to go out in the whirlwind of a wet night to find another bar.

In addition, Pierre Degand had told us on the phone. "Apart Alice Cocktail Barthere are no other decent places to grab an appetizer. " Not that it takes too long, our man. In addition, he even wondered why we would not do this at home "your drink". Listen, your great house on Avenue Louise that wears all the rather chic gentlemen of Belgium.

On the phone, he also said that next time, it would be at home, finally with his son John, that we will take the drink. Because he just bought a place in the other corner of his shop, to open a bar, a small club type a little chic, dress code, at least maybe even with a "Butler". A place that would be the prerequisite or logical continuation of the home Emily, the restaurant he opened for his daughter a few years ago, almost next to the shop because he thought we ate better in Florence than in Brussels and that as a result, we all did not have Harry's Bar in the capital .

5 main dates

  • 1974: Opening of its first store in the sea
  • 1983 Opening of Degand House, Avenue Louise
  • 1991 The birth of his son, John
  • 1994 The birth of his daughter, Emily
  • 2000 The death of her mother and 2003, her brother's death

You must admit it's great, all those little candles on the stairs, the bartender waiting for you – inevitably – and who, meanwhile, has already attracted a good year to please Pierre. And it's on a piece of Amy Winehouse's bottom balloons that comes our man, folded in a marine suit with stuff tight so well that it could almost rain the rain.

Not even time for a "lucky teeth" smile that already, your cell phone rings. IS "Melody unleashed", the famous song that taught us all we can make pottery while we make love (" Ghost, "a film released in 1990 that revealed Demy Moore and revived Patrick Swayze, Ed.) The garden architect, the one who remakes the store, and also draws what Pierre has just proposed to the city, a major remodeling of the intersection near the store and for which Pierre imagined enlarging the sidewalks, planting trees and hedges, everything in between the benches, he decided to install there. He would have liked a small statue too, even a small fountain, but hey, that, the firefighters said no.


That said, one can imagine that it is difficult, but not even. Pierre Degand seems more "entrepreneurial" than elegance or a fighter of environmental mediocrity than a creator or lesson giver. And if he likes to please, he also likes to be grateful. Like when a client asks him on a Sunday at midnight a case of Châteaux Haut Brion 1991. "The next morning he had "He proudly adds, pointing to which armchair to sit on while placing our bag in the seat next to it. He's like this, Peter, he can. And it is only natural that he also administers the start of the interview.

So the drink, no, is not really his thing. For him, it's a bit a waste of time than going to places to boil. "I may be completely by the side of the plate, but I do not think it helps. Apart from the fact that we can find interesting people, but it's the same at work"No, it, the appetizer, is more in the restaurant, like every night, almost exclusively for business and only in the safe.

Interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone again, Degand hesitates a bit to pick up the opportunity to hear the first verse of the famous song to the end. "Whoa, my love, my dear, I'm hungry for your touch, a long and lovely time …"He picks up to confirm his planned dinner 20 minutes later, one floor below.

Here he is, almost blushing to confess his nostalgia for the world before. No, he says. what he does not really accept is widespread mediocrity at all levels of society, whether at work, love or anything, but in the men's clothing he finds in restaurants. "Look at the women, they are often much more elegant than the completely dilapidated men who accompany them: no tie, often in jeans, sometimes shirt sleeves and obviously no cufflinks. I'm so damn!"He says this, all chic in his navy outfit, the tie covered in little hearts and the cufflinks that shine before finishing:Clearly, everything was better before".

Human relations

Human relations? Do not talk about it. "Today, I would not dare look at a woman in the eye or greet her without even thinking twice … Our world is really pathetic … " Me too, Weinstein? He admits that he still does not understand. Forcing a woman is behavior that goes beyond what he can imagine. "execrable"he says of his armchair Louis XV covered with gray velvet.

What are you drinking?

  • Favorite Aperitif: Wine, always red, sometimes pink
  • Pousse coffee: Limoncello or Bacardi lemon tonic
  • Biggest stew: At age 12, in his fellowship, he confused tonic gin with Schweppes
  • Last cooked: Not since his communion

In addition, it is a bit that too that tinkering with the bars, especially as her daughter, she likes to go out for appetizers from time to time and we must admit that in general, men are extremely devoid of respect for women. "So there will be none at home"he says, restocking a second glass of wine, his cellphone rings again, he does not answer, the opportunity to hear the second verse of the song. "And time can do a lot, you're still mine? I need your love, I need your love, God speed up your love for me."

Pierre Degand admits to being basically a great romantic and a man "all the whole ", which can sometimes deceive him because when he does not like it, he does not like it. But basically, everything went very well in his life trajectory, both love and chance have always been active in their success. His first shop, which he opened at age 19 at sea, is thanks to his mother, but also to this young man for whom he was very much in love and who had just left him. "Your mother thought I was a good person for nothing that would never do anything in your life, since I was not a Jew … Wgave me even more the desire to work and get out of it".

Almost ten years later, rebellious, it is also the love that decided of its installation in the capital. In love with a girl from Brussels, he decides to invest in the mansion of Avenue Louise to install his big house. "In June, I sign and in August she ends up telling me that I'm too blonde and deep down she prefers the Egyptians. Finally, it was the big chance of my life because I started working twice more … "

35 years later, while the world around him has changed a lot, he and his house are still there and even if we find fantasies almost everywhere, for everyone and at all prices, does not seem to rock the old institution because "in terms of clothing, men will always be more faithful than women. "

No, what bothers you a little is the fact that today we no longer recognize the value of craftsmanship or of the transmission. We forgot very quickly thata boss is someone who "must be in your house ". In their profession, as in others, young people are no longer guided by passion, what matters is days off or salary, forgetting to learn the basics of work. "They know everything and do not know anything.", he laments at the end of his drink.

Your appointment has arrived. Pierre picks up the hanging keys in a pile of gray-gray in the center of which is a large leather heart. Finally the appetizer was good.


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