to think that it will stay this way is illusory "


On Tuesday, the maximum price allowed at the pump is 1.565 euros for a liter of 95 gasoline and 1.56 for diesel. We should go back to mid-June 2018 to have gasoline more expensive than diesel, 1,523 against 1.52. And it did not last just a few days.

With the introduction of Michel's government, the amount of tax on diesel consumption was gradually increased to make this fuel less attractive. In October 2018, the difference was particularly significant, with € 1,515 for € 95 versus € 1,634 for diesel, a difference of almost twelve cents. In recent months, it has been melting lead to the current reversal.

► How to explain such phenomena

► The exact breakdown of fuel prices is as follows: most are paid in taxes and contributions

The state will not miss a 5.5 billion euros manna

What about the emergence of complete elec- trics and CNG?

" Of course, other energy sources, such as electricity or compressed natural gas, are not not subject to the same taxation than diesel or gasoline, which makes them currently attractive. To think that this will stay this way is illusory "Says Jean-Pierre Van Dijk, Secretary General of the Belgian Oil Federation.

Currently, the different tax rates on fossil fuels bring the state 5.5 billion euros per year. " He will never leave this source of income "New energy users will therefore be called upon to help mitigate the long-term decline in gasoline and diesel consumption, and it will be difficult to explain to them that they have to pay more because they pollute.

" Alternative solutions will have to be found. It will be the task of the next governments "Says Jean-Pierre Van Dijk.

► What could these solutions be?


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