To avenge Burger King, an artist draws penises on his Instagram


Theft of content is a horrible thing, and still commonplace on the Internet. Even if sometimes the artist could take advantage of it, for example, when Elon Musk stole a Deny: automata, the creators are more often powerless against the giants. This is not the case of Pablo Rochat, who managed to get revenge … in his own way, and with the help of other users.

"Take this, Burger King "

The American fast-food giant stole the creation of Pablo Rochat, an art director who worked for the New York Times, to name just them. This is for use in an advertisement posted on Instagram. From there, the artist had several possibilities: to attack the company in justice … or to decide to play alone, thanks to a Machiavellian plan.

He drew a huge penis and published identifying the brand with the identification tool available on Instagram. This way, anyone can see the artist's publication. "Take this, Burger King " can we see it by writing on LinkedIn? Everything could stop there, but the community decided to follow Pablo Rochat in his idea, and an avalanche of penis flooded the Burger King page.

"One penis deserves another "

As a result of the publication, many people wanted to do justice to the artist, defending independent creations on the internet. Burger King received a plethora of posters with male organs. It was enough to the media perceives the phenomenon and returns to its source: Pablo Rochat. The recognition was won.

The fast food chain has not expressed itself on the matter. She did not even react, as she could. By blocking users who post to your Instagram, but more effectively, removing the ability to identify the account in photos of foreign users. Thus, the attack would fall into the water in the blink of an eye. Maybe she's trying to recover from that bad buzz to raise her head? It would not be surprising: Burger King is known for his young and humorous communication, especially for its direct rival McDonald's.


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