Friday , October 22 2021

Thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail, gusts of wind: the whole of Belgium enters orange alert


MRI increased his alertness level.

OMagnetic resonance imaging predicts severe and widespread storms with heavy rains, hail, violent bursts of lightning or lightning strikes, which can lead to widespread problems or damage. "Be prepared and follow the advice given by the competent authorities," warns the MRI. The country is on yellow alert until 17 hours, in orange alert between 17 and 23 hours before returning to the yellow level until 3 o'clock.

An orange alert corresponds to a risk of 31 to 50 l / m² of rain in one hour or 41 to 60 l / m² in six hours and 51 to 100 l / m² in 24 hours, and hail risk of 3 to 5 cm .

The FPS Interior has activated the number 1722. This number can be dialed to call firefighters for non-emergency interventions, but it does not replace numbers 112 (emergency services) and 101 (police) when a person is in danger. .

The closed parks of Brussels

Due to the storms and high winds announced Tuesday afternoon, Brussels's regional parks will be closed from 16.00 hours, announces the Brussels Environment. The reopening is scheduled for Wednesday morning, subject to weather conditions.

The Brussels Environment recommends avoiding circulation in all parks, forests and forests, especially near trees.

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