There's still time to optimize your 2019 tax return


Here are the expenses you can still do in 2018 and that will ease your tax bill in 2019.

It may not be too late to carry out expenses that could lead to a tax cut next year. Whether in real estate, savings and investment, some expenses this year will result in 2019 with a reduction in your tax form. Most tax cuts are still federal, but with regionalization, each Region has determined its own package of tax cuts based on the behaviors it wants to encourage. Let's see what you can do before December 31, 2018 in different areas to facilitate your tax receipt, payment dates of invoices or showing payments.

1. Real Estate

→ Finish your mortgage loan

If you complete a mortgage loan for your own home, you can benefit from a tax reduction if you purchased it in Wallonia or Flanders.

in Wallonia, the amount ofhabitat verification"is calculated based on your income. maximum of 1,520 euros by the taxpayer and is inversely proportional to the taxpayer's income. An amount of 125 euros per child is also granted. For example, a taxpayer with a net taxable income of 80,000 euros per year will receive 772 euros. This tax reduction applies only to mortgages signed for a minimum of 10 years and used to finance the purchase or construction of a home. Only renewal work does not count, unless it is concomitant with the acquisition.

in Flanders, O housing bonus entitles you to a tax advantage of 40% calculated on a maximum amount of € 2,360 per year (including an increase of 760 euros during the first ten years and an increase of 80 euros for families with a minimum of 3 dependent children).

If this tax basket is not completed, for example, if you complete your loan by the end of the year, you can complete it by adding the amounts paid by your outstanding balance insurance. But be careful, in case, unfortunately, occur (if a borrower dies during the repayment period of your loan), the amount paid by the insurance will be taxed.

→ Renovate your rented house in AIS …

There is still time to do work in a house that you rent through a social real estate agency (AIS). In fact, in Flanders and Wallonia, if you have a contract of at least 9 years with an AIS, you can get a tax reduction of 45% on expenses granted over 9 years. This reduction is calculated at 5% of the expenses invoiced, with a maximum annual of 1,170 euros per housing. The investment must be at least 11,740 euros.

→ … or your monument

The owners of monuments and classified sites in Wallonia and Flanders are entitled to 30% reduction in taxes on half of maintenance and restoration costs of your good. These costs are limited to 39,150 euros, which limits the tax reduction to 11,745 euros.

→ Insulate your roof (in Wallonia)

Wallonia is the only region that still offers a tax reduction for roof insulation work. This is a reduction of 30% expenditure incurred, with a limit of EUR 3 200.

2. Savings / investment / loan

→ Feed your pension savings

Payments made to an insurance or savings account are eligible for a 30% tax advantage if you do not exceed the ceiling of 960 euros. If you choose to contribute more (up to 1,230 euros), the tax reduction will only be 25%. This means that it is interesting to choose the augmented formula only if you pay more than 1,152 euros.

→ Buy shares from your employer

If you do not claim the tax reduction for retirement savings, you can ask the tax reduction for acquisition of shares your employer or your parent company. The tax advantage is 30% calculated on a declared maximum amount of EUR 750.

→ Support a startup company

If you are investing in a start-up or growing business, you can conditionally recover 30% of their investment (maximum of 100,000 euros) for a small business and 45% for a microenterprise. The investment can be done through a crowdfunding platform. The system has been extended since this year to growing companies, with a tax cut of 25%.

→ Investing in Development Funds

Development funds provide microcredit or other financial services to those who create very small enterprises or operate in developing countries. This is, for example, Alterfin, Incofin or Oikocredit. The tax reduction is for those who buy to at least 380 euros of these fund units. They will recover 30% of your investment with a maximum of 320 euros.

→ Get a Loan Increase

This is a Walloon specificity. If you are Walloon and you lend up to 50,000 euros (or more) independent, micro-enterprises or an established SME in Wallonia, you can recover 4% in the form of a tax credit next year, 2,000 euros maximum. In subsequent years, however, the tax benefit will be reduced to 2.5%.

→ Contribute to long-term savings

If your tax basket is not filled by your mortgage loan, you can declare the premiums paid on a life insurance policy as part of long-term federal savings with a ceiling of € 2,310. This gives you the right to a 30% tax advantage.

3. Get help

→ Request service checks or ALE checks

Order for service checks or ALE checks. Even if you do not use them all in 2018, they will still be valid next year. Each spouse can avail the tax benefit.

A service ticket costs 9 euros for the first 400. The tax advantage is:

  • € 0.90 per title of the first 150 from the Walloon Region
  • 1.35 euros per title of the first 160 in the Region of Brussels Capital
  • EUR 2,7 per title for the first 160 in the Flemish Region.

For ALE checks (minor repairs and maintenance work, reception of sick children), the deduction threshold is € 1,440, in which a tax reduction of:

  • 30% in Wallonia and Flanders
  • 15% in the region of Brussels Capital

ALE checks and service vouchers are part of the same tax basket.

→ Paying Your Child Care Accounts

Pay your bills for daycare, school daycare, hospitals, internships or summer camps. You can recover a portion of the amount paid next year if your children were under the age of twelve at the time of receipt. The amount to be informed is the amount paid per day of reception, with a maximum of 11.20 euros per day, on which you will receive a 45% tax reduction.

→ Hire a domestic worker

Did you know that when hiring a domestic worker, you can reduce your tax bill next year? It may not be too late to find jewelry rare … You can, under conditions, get a 30% reduction on half of the salaries paid to a domestic employee who is working in France. cooking, in your garden, which provides nursing care, to an au pair or to your driver. The maximum deductible is 7,530 euros.

4. Pleasure

When paying a minimum amount of 40 euros before next year to a recognized foundation or charity (in one or more installments), you will receive a Tax reduction of 45%. If you really want to be very happy, know that you can not benefit from this reduction if you distribute more than 10% of your taxable profit, with an absolute maximum of 376,350 euros.

5. Switch to electric

Finally, do not pack. Unfortunately, there is no tax reduction for buying a car or an electric bike. Only the purchase of an electric motorcycle (with a side car if you wish), a tricycle or an electric quadricycle gives the right to a 15% advantage of the purchase value, limited to 3,010 euros (4,940 euros per quad). No, an ATV is not a car, contrary to what etymology might suggest. An ATV is a four-wheeled vehicle with an unladen mass not exceeding 400 kg (550 kg for vehicles used for the carriage of goods), excluding the mass of the batteries.


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