The Walking Dead: The next spin-off will be "very different"!


The AMC chain did not end with the world of The Walking Dead. A spin-off will come and it will be very different!

A few months ago, fans of The Walking Dead I learned that a second spin-off was coming. This derived series will be very different from your two older sisters. Attention, the article contains spoilers!

The American channel AMC seems to want to extend the universe of The Walking Dead. In fact, after the series, as well as Fear the walking dead, the production wants to propose a second spin-off. OThe project is a bit dangerous when it comes to Season 9 audiences. In fact, more and more viewers are casting aside the adventures of Rick and Daryl.

However, the decline of the public does not mean that fans get tired of the world of zombies. In any case, that's what Ed Carroll, chief operating officer of AMC, thinks. A few months ago, the latter announced the arrival of a second spin-off. However, today we know more about the new project of the American channel. It seems that this spin-off can happen sooner than we think.

The Walking Dead: A very different spin-off!

Production has progressed well in the new series derived from The Walking Dead. Scott Gimple will take care of this new series and the showrunner is quite confident. In fact, the man relied on ComicBook media that they were going "Start filming next month." So it looks like filming will begin next July in Virginia. However, the producer also confided that this new show would be very different.

"Things will change, this will be completely different from the other two series, we try to open these new worlds with new angles, different shades and different aspects. Confidiu Scott M. Gimple.

For now, nobody knows who the new series will be. However, the AMC channel should start broadcasting episodes during the year 2020.