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the new Colruyt opened its doors (+ photos)

Corluyt de La Louvière closed its doors for a few days now. Clients realized that. But they also know it's for the good cause, an improvement they've been demanding for a long time: opening a larger, newer, and much more parking space. "The Colruyt de La Louvière was saturated for a long time when we analyzed the turnover per square meter," explains Regional Regional Director Johann Denis. "The project is therefore in two stages, with the inauguration of our Haine-Saint-Pierre shop on Wednesday and the renovation of Colruyt de La Louvière for reopening in November."

This 1,750m2 of commercial space represents the end (or almost) of many investments made by the group throughout the Central Region. The store offers many new features and a wider range of products.

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Céline Paquet

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