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The moon is shrinking, according to NASA (video)

A very particular phenomenon, also observed on the planet Mercury.

sAccording to a study by scientist Thomas Watters, who works for NASA, the Moon shrunk 50 meters over a few hundred million years. The scientist compares this phenomenon to that of a grape that decays and wrinkles over time. With the difference that the Moon does not have the soft skin of a grape and that its surface breaks during the shrinkage, which explains the different fissures visible on the surface.

But why does the moon shrink? This phenomenon is explained by a thermal contraction due to the temperature difference between the still warm heart of the Moon and the cold space. Cracks cause tremors on the Moon, which can reach magnitude 5 on the Richter scale.

However, this phenomenon is not unique. The planet Mercury is also the victim of a similar phenomenon. On its surface are cracks of 1000 kilometers long and three kilometers deep. Mercury probably narrowed even more than the moon!

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