the Liege rider, Grégory Wathelet, faces a Belgian (video)


The 25th International Leap of the Province of Liège ended this Sunday with the victory of a Liege rider, Grégory Wathelet with his horse Mjt Nevado S. is the second he wins this competition, his previous victory was dated 2004. He wins 33,000 euros and takes another Belgian Dominique Hendrickx and his horse, Koriano. The Brazilian Pedro Junqueira finishes in 3rd.

What better gift could we expect for the 25th anniversary of #JIL than a win for Gregory Wathelet and Mjt Nevados S! …

Slået op af Jumping de Liège – Official website i Saturday 4 November 2018

Gregory Wathelet at the top with Mjt Nevados S at the Petit Grand Prix! He went to the dam ??? # JIL2018 #JIL ??

Slået op af Jumping de Liège – Official website i Fredag ​​den 2. November 2018

Cyril C.

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