The iPhone may soon be delivered with an anti-water airbag


Seeking to improve the waterproofing of future generations of the iPhone and Apple Watch, Cupertino has just launched a patent for the less surprising: it refers to a water ejection system that doubles as an airbag.

It is not so easy to make a product completely waterproof. This requires that the single opening of the device does not lead to any element that could be damaged or short-circuited by a single drop of water.

The other solution is to leave no chance for water by not offering the slightest opening.

in a patent filed a few days ago by Apple, the company looks at a system called "self-energizing sealing mechanisms"What should allow to keep openings in the structure of the iPhone and Apple Watch, without endangering the sensitive parts.

One of the versions of this mechanism is to place a thin membrane where the inside of the phone is in contact with the outside. It is permeable to air, but resistant to water, so that it prevents its passage beyond a certain pressure.

When a limit is reached, a diaphragm presses to close the opening, like an airbag that unfolds almost instantly to brake our body.

As effective as this system, Apple does not tell us whether it will be used once, like an airbag. If this is the case, we already imagine that replacing one or more parts will be necessary in case of excessive immersion of an iPhone or an Apple Watch in the water.

However, we are pleased to see that the company is still actively seeking to make its products more resistant to water.


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