Tuesday , April 20 2021

the government says it has a "duty" to transform the economy

O second day of mobilization of yellow vests against the increase in taxes on fuel, the government hears the "low tax". But his "duty" is to transform the economy to make it less dependent on oil, said Minister of Action and Public Accounts Gerald Darmanin Sunday.

"The government naturally listened to this important event and wanted to show that there was a headache," said Gerald Darmanin's microphone, Radio J, while extolling the government's move to lower taxes.

"What are we doing? We are transferring part of the tax on labor – to make people less taxed at work, on pollution," said Gérald Darmanin in the wake of the events that gathered 288,000 people Saturday across France and continued for some Sunday.

These "yellow vests" protest against increased taxation on fuels and, more broadly, against the perception of loss of purchasing power.

"Of course, ecological taxation is difficult, but what is even more difficult is dependence on France for 40 years vis-à-vis petro-monarchies in the Middle East and especially Saudi Arabia," argued the minister overseeing the tax administration .

"This carbon savings is very bad for the French portfolio for our companies," said Gérald Darmanin again, referring in particular to the cost to Social Security of diseases caused by fine particles thrown by diesel cars. "If we know that this is bad for the French economy and for the health of the French, we must do the opposite," he said.

"We have heard this anger, but we want to tell the French that our duty is to transform our economy so that they are not addicted and that they are good for their health," the minister insisted. Gérald Darmanin also emphasized that his government was working to reduce the overall tax burden. "We reduced taxes, lowered the housing tax, lowered corporate tax, removed the ISF, introduced the single taxation," he said.

"Everything shows that for 17 months we have lowered taxes in our country, maybe we can not lower the taxes of those who protest, in this case we decided not to lower the income tax, but to abolish taxes such as the housing tax, and especially the most popular categories , but we cut taxes and continue to do so, "he promised.

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