The city of Brussels obtains the forced sale of an abandoned building, a first


The city sees this as a strong signal as part of its policy to combat empty housing.

PFor the first time, the city of Brussels obtained the forced sale of a house located near the pedestrian center of the capital and remained vacant for more than 10 years. The property went online for sale on March 21. It will remain so until Friday.

The city sees this as a strong signal as part of its policy to combat empty housing.

Specifically, urban planning councilor Ans Persoons (Change.Brussels) signed a notarial act last Wednesday in the context of the forced sale of the property located at 12, rue du Bon Secours, after a process started in 2011.

Unemployed for several years

This house, consisting of a commercial ground floor and three floors intended for housing, had been vacant for several years. Based on the Housing Code, the city of Brussels decided to introduce an injunction to rehabilitate housing.

This judicial procedure allows the court of first instance to oblige the owner to terminate the vacancy of his property. Despite a judgment obtained in 2012 with the increase in daily fines, no action taken by the owner was successful and the property remained vacant to date.

The forced sale appeared as the last lever to end the vacancy of the property. We want to send a strong signal. It is not tolerable for housing to be empty when we know that it is increasingly difficult for a part of the population of Brussels to find housing.
Ans Persons said Monday.

A list with all these properties

The city of Brussels lists in a list all abandoned, neglected, unoccupied or unfinished properties for which measures must be taken. Some of these assets are then taxed at a progressive amount in order to persuade the owners to put an end to the criminal situation as quickly as possible.

According to the Housing Councilor Mohamed Ouriaghli (PS), in specific cases, Régie Foncière can then resort to the public management of a property. It does work to make it habitable, and then reimburses the cost of labor for the rent. Most of the time, however, the city and owner can find common ground.

The city always favors dialogue, but it also wants to send a firm message to the owners who speculate
", Concluded Bourgmestre Philippe Close (PS).


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