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The Belgian Organizer for the Men's Hockey Cup in 2022

The leader of the National Trophy Achievement of Merit Sportif, the Red Lions are particularly important. She's in this arrivée. The Belgian Organizer is looking for the coupe of the hockey monde on the messieurs. The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has sold to you which will ensure the organization of the 15th Mondial of 13 to 29 January 2023 and that the Coupe of the Monks will be the organization for the Spaniards and the Pays-Bas of 1er to 17 juillet 2022. Les villes hôtes seront communiquées plus tard par les pays organisateurs.

Where to go to three times reruns in 1982 to Bombay, in 2010 to New Delhi and in 2018 to Bhubaneswar.

They pay the 1.34 million inhabitants who have a competition for four of them and four for four of the most important conditions. Seuls les Pays-Bas ont interrupted this series in 2014.

The Belgique to be the world's premier titre in 2018 thanks to the victoire in the final 3-2 aux "penalty shoot-out"Aid for Pays-Bas (0-0).

La Belgique, which was never an Mondial organization, is a candidate for the Mondial men's organization during the year 2022. I succeeded in meeting with the organization of the Euro d'Anvers, at the end, the Belgian avait profité of an extension to the FIH of the application process for renting a dossier in one of the Mondial messengers during the proposed proposal between the 1st and 17th of July 2022. The Malaisie on the way to a single plus

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