Tuesday , April 20 2021

Tetra Pak and Veolia come together to better recycle


Switzerland Tetra Pak and France's Veolia team up to better recycle food bricks, they said in a statement Monday. For if the cardboard fibers of these bricks "benefit from strengths", "the equivalent is not always true for the blend of recovered polymers and aluminum," say the two companies specializing in recycling and resource management. .

The partnership will focus first on the European Union before being extended to other markets. A food brick contains, on average, 75% of cardboard, 20% of plastic and 5% of aluminum. Recycled paperboard fibers have a second life when converted into high quality cellulose used in industrial and consumer products, according to Tetra Pak. But the blend of polymers and aluminum (PolyAl) recovered, so far, was not yet a second solid wind.

The partnership between Tetra Pak and Veolia aims to ensure that the PolyAl extract is now processed in dedicated plants and converted into raw material for applications in the plastics industry.

"All materials that make up food bricks can be completely recycled into new and useful objects," says Lisa Ryden, Tetra Pak Recycling Manager. "The challenge in Europe is to achieve economies of scale and make PolyAl a secondary material with high added value."

"This partnership combines our expertise in resource management with that of Tetra Pak in terms of packaging components," says Laurent Auguste of Veolia. "We will develop a sustainable solution, both environmentally and economically, first in Europe, then in Asia, to improve collection, technology and processes."

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