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Test – Mortal Kombat 11 – combos, broken bones and blood!

Ah Mortal Kombat … Whenever you hear that name, you think of blood, broken bones and bloodshed. And as much as between Mortal Kombat X, Injustice 2 and the XL edition of MK. Here is finally the final edition of Mortal Kombat in its current death. And to say that Midway had started a saga that was not to stay in time against the monster versus already present. So Warner made the crazy bet with NetherRealm to regain his license to put him back on track. And so much to say that, MK11 sums up all our kombatants where we left them. Finally almost.

Time flies …

There are fighting games and fighting games. And Mortal Kombat is among those who have made the bet to offer players a single player mode as a tutorial for newcomers. And in this eleventh episode, we meet our good old Raiden, where we left him. The moment he beheaded the head of our poor little Shinnock.

It is then that we discover our new enemies and others we have seen. Like Kronika, the time keeper or Geras who serves as bodyguard. And these, with current knowledge, are the most powerful. What about your purpose? Rewrite the story to reverse Raiden's actions.

Where the scenery is great is that you will be both a beginner and a fan of the series. This remix both the title frame that allows anyone to be able to learn from this episode. We felt especially through this, a desire of NetherRealm to complete a story to begin long ago to open a new narrative arc to the saga for the continuation of the titles if only a day ago. This is even more recent during several scenario bonuses after finishing the battle rounds with a character.

With no less than 12 chapters, you'll loop in 6/7 hours. You will have something to spend a serious moment or full of humor. Especially that the dubbing is always of high quality. Do not expect big changes for the rest, we're still in Unreal Engine 3 that the studio dominates to perfection.

The fight!

Well, if the basic rooster offers 23 + 2 characters, including one in pre-order and one in DLC. You will have the choice in your massacre desires. It's true that a lot of people are going to cry out scandal so they do not see their favorite character or cult like Ermac, Reptile, Mileena anymore … But now it was necessary to make a sticky choice in story mode. By the way, it's strange enough to have put Frost as a playable character in this opus under the condition of having finished 100% of one of the story's chapters.

As for the combat … Well, this Mortal Kombat 11 hits hard and almost completely sees those mechanisms. Goodbye to the race and hello to the Dash, goodbye the simple special movement and hello to two meters … It is up to you to pay attention to these. If a meter helps you defend yourself and your environment, the other will help you make one of your moves more powerful or extend the combos.

Goodbye the various X-rays and their violence. Hello Fatal Blow and his extreme violence. Here we find a special movement that can only trigger once per fight and only if its life is below 30%. What causes unexpected reassembly! For the rest, rest assured! Fatalities are always present and far more violent than in the past! a great visual kif!

Finally, in the additions and exclusions, we note that the latest changes will come mainly from the game modes, and finally we see a desire for Warner and NetherRealm to take a stand alongside the actual increases in competition. Do not worry about the different arcs that can be created in the game, those that are validated by Warner will be playable. The rest was just cosmetic. However, expect a seasonal system with a possible archetype change to change the displayed characters.

My beautiful Krypte.

Who says that Mortal Kombat says money farm! And again, the title will not be lacking by offering a new fully-visitable Krypte system as a third-person game action. A good kif! Between the massive opening of the chest, the exploration of the island of Shang Tsung and the collection of objects to continue the visit … Everything is prepared to keep the player for a long time in it.

For the rest, you will have to take a walk next to the Combat Towers. Between Klassic tours and the Time Towers, you will have something to do! For the rest, let's find the classic and fairly opti game modes. (Versus, online, …)

Finally, we can only welcome the work done on this Mortal Kombat 11! It's a must have games against combat. It is not especially the most beautiful because the engine ages a little. But his dominance would make the pale titles running on Unreal Engine 4 (Who Said Soulcalibur 6?) When a title arrives with new and breaks the codes of its predecessor, we can only ask for more! On that, we came back! Training does not wait!

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