Tesla further lowers the price of your Model 3 & # 39;


This is the second time the automaker is reviewing the price of its new vehicle to open the doors of the general public. Now, at $ 42,900, the Tesla Model 3 will cost $ 1,100 less.

So far, Tesla has promised to sell its model 3 at $ 44,000. This price, planned a few weeks ago to offset the reduction of generous tax incentives in the United States, is revised down again. It falls below 43,000 euros. The reason: the end of a sponsorship system This allowed new Tesla customers to have free access to the brand's battery recharging network for several months. In return, the "evangelical godparents" were generously rewarded. A new sports model was offered to the person who was able to bring together the newest customers.

It must be said that Tesla does not use traditional promotional channels to highlight their vehicles. This sponsorship campaign made sense, but it was more expensive than expected. Exclusion made sense to Elon Musk. On the sidelines of the group's earnings release, the head of the automaker had repeated last week that it wanted to reduce expenses, "variable costs and fixed costs", to be profitable at the end of each quarter. 2019.

To achieve this goal, Tesla is counting on increased production of its model 3 sedan, which it began shipping from its production lines in California and Europe. The vehicle must allow the brand to expand its public. Analysts, however, remain dubious and have generally expected a more attractive base price for model 3, spinning around $ 35,000.


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