Standard de Liège: Operation for Orlando Sa – All Soccer


Orlando Sa was embarrassed for several weeks with a pain in the Achilles tendon. A place where the injuries can be very serious, and after consulting a specialist in Portugal, this has unfortunately been confirmed.

As a club official on Tuesday, Orlando Sa will have to undergo a partial rupture operation on the Achilles tendon on his left foot. "The operation will take place in Portugal next week and its unavailability is estimated in about 5 months," the club said.

Michel Preud & homme had said recently that Orlando Sa had contracted this injury during his short stint in China, lost in all respects. Former goalkeeper Rouches scored just two goals this season: a World Cup penalty and the first in the Pro League on the 30th day, which had been restarted … before the relapse.

If Renaud Emond reached out and Obbi Oularé was recruited permanently, Standard should therefore recruit a new striker for next season. Can 30-year-old Portuguese recover all their sensations after recovery?


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