Soon a new ergonomic Azerty keyboard?


The French Association of Normalization (Afnor) publishes a new standard (NF Z71-300) with the purpose of proposing solutions to facilitate the writing of French with a keyboard commercialized in France. There are two improved keyboard models, "azerty" and "bépo".

The current "azerty" models do not make it easy to write accented characters in upper case, use double chevrons or merge the letter and the a or o. The goal is to improve the ergonomics of the keyboard and facilitate the insertion of any text in French.

An optimized "azerty" keyboard

The members of the standardization committee propose two models of keyboards. The first is an optimized "azerty" type model. The 26 letters of the alphabet, as well as the numbers, do not change places, unlike other signs, such as some accented vowels, arobase, punctuation, sharp (massively used in social networks as hashtag), currency symbols, etc. The second model is a "bépo" model, unknown to the general public, but often regarded as offering the most ergonomic and efficient layout possible for capturing French but also for programming.

Builders to start … or not

This does not mean that we will have to change the keyboard, even if manufacturers can now offer, if desired, keyboards that meet this new standard. As a reminder, this does not impose anything on anyone.


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