Sony communicates the first details on its PS5: backward compatibility and PSVR are in the program


Sony communicates indirectly on its next console and confirms some information on what will be the PS5.

This is Mark Cerny, the architect ahead of the PlayStation 5 project, who spoke at length with our Wired colleagues, providing many details.

The project manager ensures that the console will have tremendous power and will be able to provide graphics up to a resolution in 8K. But for him, it's just a detail, at a time when 4K screens are still not adopted predominantly.

Promising resources

We have learned that this PlayStation 5 will be equipped with a 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processor and will have 8 cores with a fineness of 7 nm.

The graphics features are also revised upwards with an even bigger improvement that will ensure an even more significant difference between the PS3 and the PS4. The console will come with a custom version of Radeon Navi, which will be able to provide graphics in ray tracing.

A very clear evolution will also be ensured for the audio side. It will be possible to count on a processor of last generation that will be incorporated to the processor AMD, that will provide 3D sound to guarantee a much greater immersion.

As for immersion, this PlayStation 5 will ensure full compatibility with current PSVR headsets and games. In addition, the console will be compatible and the entire PlayStation 4 catalog will be playable on PS5.

Better than a hard drive, an SSD

Last but not least, the future console of Sony will be equipped with an SSD, a more efficient and faster storage technology than the classic hard drive. For Mark Cerny, it's a real game changer because it will benefit from reduced loading times.

For example, a fast travel load in the last Spider-Man game takes 15 seconds on the PS4, while the standby time is only 0.8 seconds on a PS5 development kit.

The benefit will also extend to other elements of the game since the console will be able to render and display faster the world of a game, allowing also the passage of a faster movement of its characters. .

An optical drive and games in the cloud

While it is time to play in the cloud, it is important to note that the PlayStation 5 will be equipped with a disk drive. It will be possible to read the games in physical format.

The console will be released with several games and some titles will guarantee a transition between 2 generations of machines. Wired probably would have guessed that the next title of Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid), Death Stranding, should be one of those generic games.

As for the cloud, the information is still unclear and Sony should speak later this year about it. But Mark Cerny is still declared what " We are pioneers in cloud games and our vision will become clearer as we get closer to launching ".


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