Some Samsung smartphones prevent Facebook removal


The site Bloomberg collected the words of photographer Nick Winke, who realized earlier this year that it was impossible for him to delete the Facebook application on his Samsung Galaxy S8.

Disable but not delete

After using the social network for a while, the photographer wanted to remove the application from his phone, before discovering that the application could only be disabled without knowing what it really means.

"That intrigues me. If I want to completely get rid of Facebook, the application is still on my phone, which raises important questions" said Winke. "Can they always follow my information, my position or anything else? As consumers, we should have an opinion about what we want and do not want in our devices."

Logical questioning, after numerous scandals and data leaks have tarnished the reputation of the social network.

An empty application

But as the highlights TheNextWeb site, the pre-installed application on the Galaxy S8 (and many other Android smartphones) is actually a link to the official app available on the Google Play Store. In fact, by clicking on the application logo "invalid", your smartphone offers to update you by looking for the latest version in the app store.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, well known for her findings found in application codes like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, there is no need to become paranoid. Without this update, Facebook has no access to anything, if not a place for its icon on the home screen.

Finally, as explained in the series of messages she posted on Twitter, this agreement between Facebook and Samsung is the same as the one signed by Apple and Google. As a reminder, Google pays $ 12 billion a year for Apple to remain the default search engine on iOS.


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