Sidaction 2019: How to fight against the trivialization of the epidemic?


"Let's not forget that the AIDS virus is still there," said Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, president of Sidaction, while the 25th edition of this charity event, with which BFMTV partners, is held from Friday to Sunday. Twenty-five years after the first Sidaction and as treatments for the disease progressed, the association against AIDS fears a trivialization of the epidemic.

"There is so much banalization of HIV and AIDS that it seems that no one is interested," said the researcher, codecouvreuse of the virus in the early 1980s and Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008.

By 2017, as many as 6400 people discovered their HIV status in France. A figure that has been in decline for about ten years. "This is extremely disturbing. I was recently in a panel discussion with the young people and they did not really feel worried," says Françoise Barré-Sinoussi.

Young people less and less knowledgeable

The numbers are indeed alarming and reflect the need to improve access to HIV information. According to a recent survey published by Sidaction, 23% of young people feel misinformed about the disease, twice as much as in 2009. "The highest level in 10 years," according to the association. For good reason: more than 20% of young people interviewed did not receive specific education about the AIDS virus in high school or middle school.

According to the same survey, 23% of young people aged 15-24 think there are medicines to cure AIDS, compared to 13% in 2009. However, Sidaction wishes to remind you that if tritherapy treatments today allow the virus to be undetectable and prevent its transmission, we still do not know how to eliminate it from the body.

172,000 virus carriers in France

In a context of overall decline in donations to associations, Sidaction last year raised 4.4 million euros in donations, more than in 2017. This increase is, however, due to the "exceptional gift of a large donor" anonymous , the amount of which is not specified. The amount raised during 2018 Sidaction made it possible to fund 118 programs to help patients in France.

In France, the number of AIDS virus carriers is estimated at about 172,000, of whom 24,000 are HIV-positive.

It is possible to make donations for Sidaction this Friday and until Sunday by phone (110, free call), SMS (send "DON" 92110 for a donation of 5 euros) and the Internet (www.sidaction). .org)


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