Shot at Seraing Drive-on Quick: Several people were arrested


More people were arrested Saturday to Sunday night between Drive de Quick de Seraing's clients, we learned from Liege's prosecution. One shot fired.

Not long after midnight fighting broke out among more people. It was more violent when a shot was heard. "Seraing's Quick Drive shot" – warned our colleagues at RTL Info.

According to the first hearings, the driver of the first car urged the accelerator to warm the car, which did not hurt the next passenger. After many cleansing, the ghosts have become warm and the insults are firing. In the action, a person in the second cockpit pulled out a gun and fired the driver of the first wagon. The floor is only slightly damaged. Persecution followed the two cars.

The police have arrested more people. In addition, the shooter's offender went to the police station. Possession of a firearm was not lawful as the individual did not have a firearm license. The prosecution is still cautious in the case file, the latter particularly affects minors.


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