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See the future vision of the charbonnage of Hasard

The decision is tombée, ce vendredi: This is the project of the group Matexi which is the subject of jurés appelés to the department of candidates for the conversion of lancien charbonnage du Hasard. Two dossiers on the other side, plus l'un d'eux, GreenConsult, in the case of the conditions of the cartoons.

The Groupe Matexi is associated with the legal region notably for the controversial development of the Fort Cartreuse, and for the ambitious plans of logging on the banquet list, on the other ancient sites. These are the qualities of these architectural propositions, which have apparently come to fruition, in the face of competition from the Malmedien Gehlen promoter. .

Les détails sur la project Matexi n'ont pas encore été dévoilés. SPI developpement l'agence devrait prochainement en fournir…

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