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Santé | A test for the prediction of the scratching of the lupus patients atteints

Two French teams of teams on the basis of the effectiveness of a new test to test the risk of recurrence with the patients with lupus, an autoimmune maladies that alternate with the remissions and periods.

As a test, plus quick and plus sensitive to existing technologies, it allows patients to get a lupus in remission plus a higher level of interference on the plus side of the risk that they have to suit themselves.

Cette information is important for the knowledge of patients who need a "rapproche surveillance" and lesquels for a "contractor of all surveillance and treatment", explaining the authors of the journal, published in the journal Annals of the rheumatic diseases.

The lupus is an autoimmune maladie, sevère and chronique dont les causes demeurent inconnues. He has had 5 million people in the world and 30,000 in France, essentially women.

Maladie, which is likely to be the case, if characterized by a deregulation of the immune system that affects the tissues and organs of the patient. It manifests itself in clinical signs three variables (cutaneous eruptions, arthritis, troubles rénaux, neurologiques, anémie), which complicates the diagnosis.

The plethora of existing traits without immunosuppressants (such as corticosteroids), which are the only means of decreasing symptoms and doubling, but with more severe secondary effects over the long term.

It has been shown to interfere with interferons, family proteins of cytokines, and products to surpass the cells of the immune system in patients with lupus.

"Cette signature interferes with the plus plus that the pathology is seen or on the way" and "the breakdown of biologi- cal anomalies with the need for a board", explain the Public Assistance of Paris ( AP-HP) in a communication.

More the classic biological tests in the sensible asseps for the detection of the three interferon concentrations present in the serum of the remission periods. As far as the example here is, the transcriptomical analysis, it is "complex and difficult accessible".

The technology used by the two pairs of teams from the Pitié-Salpêtrière (AP-HP), a numerical test of the American society Quanterix, is more rapid and consists of a "simple biological test, based on microliter quelks of serum ". In addition, it is capable of detecting the proteins at concentrations three bases.

Its use in 254 patients with a lupus in remission to detect "abnormally high levels of alpha-interferon in the serum" with a quart of between them. A number of participants have been pending an exhibit that "a biological anomaly is associated with an augmented risk".

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