Samsung takes on the McAfee antivirus … on their connected TVs


This had to happen one day or another. As Techspot points out, Samsung will now pre-install the McAfee antivirus on its connected TVs running Tizen 3.0 or later as part of a business partnership. The South Korean manufacturer is therefore committed to the path set by computer manufacturers that for years have been trying to sell their customers bloatwares more or less useless: antivirus software, backup software, performance of "accelerators", etc. Like the PC, TV can become, in turn, a gondola for software publishers.

The user, in turn, has nothing to gain from this partnership. It is true that software is free, but it is useless. We know that it is technically possible to infect a connected TV, but no one actually saw malware in real life, such as Windows or Android. In addition, we install far fewer apps on a TV than on a computer or smartphone. The risk of being taken is therefore much lower. Finally, Samsung TVs operate under Tizen, which is a proprietary system used only by the South Korean manufacturer. What interest can hackers have in the development of malware for this niche market? Answer: None. Android TV is an easier platform to target.

Samsung seems very happy with this idea. In a statement, the company emphasizes that it is the first "Pre-install security on these devices, proving your desire to create security from the start". The good news is that you can uninstall the McAfee antivirus. This will allow you to get rid of it and gain performance.


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