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Rugby Mondial: Angleterre-France and Nouvelle-Zélande-Italie annulés à cause du typhon Hagibis


The matches Angleterre-France and Nouvelle-Zélande-Italie, which should be disputed by Yokohama and Toyota, on the other hand by the Organizers of the Rugby Coupe, in the raising of the Hagibis which has been touched by the end of the week mégalopole from Tokyo.

"We have not yet decided to make any matches in our base on the previous previews. We do not have anything to do with the morning," said Daniel Gilpin, director of Mondial.

In the rematch, the match Irlande-Samoa, beforehand samedi to Fukuoka to the maintenance, as with the Australie-Georgia reunion, sold to Shizuoka.

The premiere of the annulment of matches of the history of the rugby coupe, was believed in 1987.

In the wake of the Jeux Olympiques of Tokyo (24 July-9 April 2020), this annulment will re-launch the interrogations of Japanese capacities as a result of the large international competitions in raising national conditions and conditions (typhons, strong chaleur humide en été).

Typhon parmi les plus puissants

In the case of annulation, the anticipation of the match is considered to be null (score 0-0). Call this team if you have an accordant deux points au classement.

The typhon Hagibis, plus one of the most recent ten years in the region, due to toucher and week-end to a large part of Japan, or even more programs from the Rugby World Cup than the Grand Prix of the Japanese F1 sur le circuit de Suzuka, situation au sud-ouest de Tokyo.

Upgrading with a "violent" typhon, touted by a cyclone intensifier in Japan, Hagibis addresses the sud-est du pays, and pouring droit the region of Tokyo samedi, on the other merit of the Japanese methodologists .

The person responsible for the Japanese method (JMA), Hagibis' puissance actuelle is similar to the cell of four major typhons, which have the same meaning as the Japanese, and the fax has caused them to increase. important dommages to Chiba, in the grand banlieue of Tokyo.

Pour samedi, "in our pre-vents of a 45-meter vitesse per seconde" is only 162 km / h, at the rate responsible for a point presse. Les vents three violents seront accompagnés of torrentielles pluies.

Authorities have been noted in advance of major problems in the transport of the agglomeration of Tokyo, which makes up 38 million inhabitants.

There are 70,000 spectators, parmi lesquels of noble supporters of the two teams, to be assisted by the Angleterre-France reunion with Yokohama, in the south of the capital, other than the city of Toyota is the Nouvelle-Zelande-Italie peut accueillir 50,000 spectate .

1.8 million billus vendus

The match Angleterre-France must meet two qualifying teams for the finals of the Coupe du Monde. The annulment of the match between a zero match between the two teams (0-0), the Angleterre ended at the end of C, due to France.

There is no result between Nouvelle-Zelande and Italy qualifying for All Blacks for the quarterfinals. The double champions of the end of the month have something to do with the cool of the Sud.

A self-match, Japanese-Ecosse, program for the Yokohama, is usually on the menace of the typhon. Cette will meet again for the first time in qualifying for the quarterfinals. Aucune décision in this year for the match.

These are the same as the end of the week, without programs on the way down from Japan and around Kyushu.

Premier sporting large-scale organization organized by Japan after the Coupe du monde football co-organization with the Corée du sud in 2002, Coupe du rugby monde, pour laquelle 1.8 million billets on été vendus, a debut 20 september et doit s'achever the 2 novembre, with the final programme to Yokohama.

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