Red Lions won by Australia, guaranteed 1st place before the Final Four


Red Lions defeated by Australia, secured 1st place before the Final Four Р© LUC CLAESSEN РBELGIUM

With a 0-2 loss to Australia (FIH-2) on Wednesday in Antwerp by the 13th and penultimate Pro Hockey Pro League, the Red Lions definitely left their opponents of the day to win first place in the competition. regular phase of the competition before the Final Four in Amsterdam (28 and 30 June). Belgium, the world nation, will finish the first round receiving Argentina (FIH-4) on Sunday, again in Antwerp.

Belgium, victorious 1-4 to go to Melbourne, was led at halftime with a goal by Blake Govers (19) and never found the solution to return to scoring. The game was stopped twice at the beginning of the last quarter because of rain. Back in the field, McLeod's men dominated the entire last period, but again could not match. Without goalkeeper Vincent Vanasch and eleven field players, the Belgians suffered a second goal in the final seconds, still via Govers (60).

With 29 points from 13 games, Australia is permanently in control of the regular round of this first edition of the Pro League. Belgium, with 25 points, remains second, ahead of the Netherlands (22) and Argentina (20), who clashed Wednesday night.

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