Police demonstration: "We want the support of the mayor of Brussels"



Rua Amigo is full of police officers.

Police came in this morning on Thursday to protest against the group's call on Facebook Police unifying the movement. They came to deliver a letter of applications and get the support of Philippe Close in their struggle to safeguard their status. "We revalidate an action as there was in Liege or Charleroi in particular. One comes to discuss the situation with the bourgmestre because he is the head of his police. We want his support," said Manu Vervier representative of the unification movement of the police group.

The bourgmestre received the signal and supports the police. "I have heard the demands of the police, they are mainly about the federal government, I support them and I will do everything possible to have their demands heard," said the mayor of Brussels.

The event will continue and a meeting is planned with RM President Olivier Chastel. The unifying movement of the police wants to wake up the unions until this day of protest. "We are about 22,000 in the group, the police think they are being abandoned by the unions, we want them to be reacted, two of them understood the message, we will meet with the CSC and the SNPS by the end of the month," says Manu Vervier.

Soldiers joined the action. These are members of the Non Retired on Facebook group at age 63 for the military. The latter includes about 7,500 people, according to administrators.



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