Tuesday , September 21 2021

Pattern shakes for Zinho Vanheusden! – All football

Off the stretcher in the first period against Oostende, Zinho Vanheusden would be the victim of an injury to his right knee. From the pictures, this one seems important …

This Sunday afternoon, Standard hosts KV Ostende as part of the 11th day of the Pro League. Starting at the start, Zinho Vanheusden was forced to give up the spot at 22. Struck in the right leg, the captain of Rouches appears to be seriously injured.

The 21-year-old defender appeared to be suffering from knee pain when he left his partners. In tears after letting out a cry of pain, the former Inter Milan player was pulled off the lawn on a stretcher. Konstantinos Laifis entered the defense of number 16.

AT To date, no information has been received about the severity of his injury. In the face of events, the neo-Belgian international should undergo medical examinations in the coming hours. Philippe Montanier is expected to give more news about his defender’s health during the post-match press conference after the final whistle.

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