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Organic eating is good for your health: it's proven!


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Photo credit: Kristina Tripkovic – Unsplash

For four years, researchers at the origin of the BioNutriNet survey determined the benefits of consuming organic health products.

Less meat and more vegetables

A total of 29,000 people were questioned about the consumption of organic products, but not only. Participants also detailed their health status, the participation of vegetables and meat in their food … Four years of counting were necessary to obtain exploitable results, now published. The study compares two groups: those who never eat organic and those for which bio accounts for more than half of the diet.

More vegetables and less meat – Photo credit: Megan Hodges – Unsplash

Big organic eaters consume more plants. Its consumption of fruits and vegetables is fifteen times greater than that of people who never eat organic food. These organic consumers also eat less meat and less dairy. In short, these people apply the precepts of the National Health Plan (PNSS), which recommends five fruits and vegetables per day. And yet, the energy contributions of the two groups are relatively similar.

Eating organic, health consequences

Of course, in terms of the environment, the consumption of organic products is much less polluting than that of non-organic products. The same goes for land use. As well as for greenhouse gas emissions and primary energy consumption. Besides this important ecological factor, organic consumption is more beneficial to health.

Less pesticides and pollution for bio – Photo credit: Scott Warman – Unsplash

In fact, the researchers relied on data from a German laboratory for analysis of pesticide residues in plants. Not surprisingly, a significant consumption of organic products implies exposure to pesticide residues from 23 to 100% for large bio consumers. Another research was launched to deepen the results already obtained.

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