One in five is overweight: sugar is everywhere, even there we do not expect …


This is a global problem that is gaining momentum, also at home. One in five young people between the ages of 2 and 17 is overweight. There is not enough exercise, too many screens and especially too much sugar: all the reasons that lead to this condition. Sylviane Podlubnai, chief dietician at Queen Fabiola Children's Hospital, was on the set of RTL INFO 13H to talk about it.

This week, Queen Fabiola Children's Hospital is conducting a sugar awareness test. The basis of the problem is also the lack of information, while sugar is everywhere, even there we do not expect it.

Presenter of RTL INFO 13H, Alix Battard, submits this bottle of industrial yogurt to the nutritionist. How many sugars does it contain?

"In this pot we can estimate the amount of sugar for more or less 6 pieces, but we must make distinctions between different sugars.In this case, we may have added sugar, and it is this sugar.we will want to avoid".

And when you think it's salty … well, no, it also has sugar. For example, this small packet of chips (25g) contains three sugars.

There are also soft drinks, cereal stuffed, croissants, waffles … And yet, that's all kids like. "We have to raise awareness about this problem and therefore teach the child to recognize good and bad sugars", says Sylviane Podlubnai.

"Favor sugars naturally present in food"

Because there are also good sugars: "We should not ban all sugars, sugars are categorized into two types of families, called complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates." This is a little tricky to explain, but it is important to pay attention to the added carbohydrates, so they favor naturally occurring sugars in the food ". The nutritionist cites fruits, milk, yogurt, starchy foods, tubers, such as potatoes and vegetables.

A risk of developing

What are the risks to these overweight children? "The risks are long-term cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, liver problems, orthopedic problems and social aspects., The psychological aspect of the overweight child who, for fear of showing himself, can no longer go to school and limit their sports activities. "

Stop the trend as soon as possible

For Sylvine Podlubnai, an overweight child does not necessarily become an overweight adult. But stop the trend as fast as possible: "We need to raise awareness, from a young age. Try to play more about prevention, and this since the child's food diversification, we should offer you water instead of sugary drinks, let's try to focus on healthy snacks, and avoid all that is added sugars ".


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