OMG: Serena Williams would have revealed SEX of the real baby


It may be the mistake of the decade at Kensington Palace. Serena Williams, who is very close to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, inadvertently revealed one of the best kept secrets of the English court.

Invited to talk about mother's role

You are in an interview for the media E! News that the tennis player, who had the chance to attend the duchess's baby shower, gave a huge tip to the press. Serena Williams, who became the mother of her first child in 2017, was asked about her mother's life and the advice she would like to share with all future moms. "Accept the mistakes and do not expect to be perfect, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves" she said in the interview.

Serena Williams then expanded her words, but she should have stopped there: "My friend is pregnant, and she told me," My baby will do this and that, "and I looked at her and said," No, she will not do that. " … "SHE"? Lots of media are frantic, and argue that the sportswoman was talking about Meghan Markle, who would expect a little girl.

Tic-tac, ticking

Just a few days of patience, Meghan Markle should give birth in April. Meanwhile, prospective parents offered a short retreat at the Heckfield Place Hotel in Hampshire County. A beautiful 5 star establishment where Harry and Meghan could enjoy organic food, rest and beautiful walks in the park.


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