Offering Emirates' most economical business class by agreeing to do without privileges


The airline has introduced a new "special" fare, in addition to the other three fare classes for business class, and provides access to that space at a lower cost.

Evoked in 2016 by Tim Clark, the president of Emirates, a fourth category of enterprise-class pricing in fact, was placed aboard the aircraft of the Dubai airline, she confirmed, in addition to the prices "savior","Bend"and"flex more".

He emphasized that the price "Special" is "on certain routes based on seasonality and travel demandThe carrier, however, did not specify the precise routes for which it was possible to take advantage today business class comfort at a lower cost.

Because paying the least expensive business class of Emirates inevitably asks some sacrifices. If the company wanted to insist that passengers "continue to benefit from our award-winning services and products, generous luggage up to 40 kg and priority boarding"They will not need to depend on access to the airport lobby, find a driver on their way to reach their destination and get a first-class upgrade based on their miles, according to press information. passengers in the category "Special"you can only choose your seat after opening the record.


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