Not for my post: Cyril Hanouna pushes a big bang, a former return columnist … Replay from Wednesday, April 17


If you did not notice Key Not to My Post yesterday, know that Matthieu Delormeau took a big shot and returned the chroniclers. Today's show also begins with Cyril Hanouna's crackdown on journalists and the press, which received a barrage of criticism after hiring David Doucet, a former editor of Inrocks and recently fired. He does not support the harassment to which he is subject and does not support the lesson givers. To relax the atmosphere, we go to the laurels of Cizaire and tonight he decided to make fun of Valérie Benaïm and his new show dedicated to large families.

So while Matthieu Delormeau can not reveal a hole, he threatens to give in another channel. Cyril then challenges you to do this on CNews! We are waiting for it with impatience. Shortly after this big laugh, it's Julien Courbet who makes his big comeback on the show and all his old comrades are delighted to see him again. He states that Jean-Luc Lemoine is the only one on the team that he has more news. On the occasion of his coming, Cyril himself out of old class photos, but unfortunately for him, he remembers bad memories

For the continuation of the questionCyril Hanouna asks the chroniclers how they explained to their children how to make children and he laughs as usual Isabelle Morini Bosc and his old age ! Finally, Cyril Hanouna pushes Julien Courbet to the end, inviting his worst high school nemesis on the set and he leaves the set immediately … But it was actually a joke to make young people aware of bullying. It's already the end of the show, but to wait until tomorrow, discover Loana happy and performed after The Villa of Broken Hearts 4, reveals her new diluted silhouette


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