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Nintendo Switch overtakes PS4 in Japan – News

The numbers have not stopped proving that. The Nintendo Switch is exported to all our lounges, or all our backpacks, to choose from. So it's no surprise that we realized that the last one just overtook the PlayStation 4 in Japan!

This is the magazine again. Famitsu who reveals the numbers. The number of Nintendo Switch sold in Japan in recent days exceeds that of its competitor, the PlayStation 4, and this, all models combined. Between April 29 and May 12 last, sold 83 471 of Nintendo Switch against 30 003 PlayStation 4. Important figures as they teach us at the same time that the Nintendo console only took a little ahead of its competitor. The total fleet of Japan's Nintendo Switch now includes 8,125,637 versus 8,077,757 for the PlayStation 4. One fight took roughly because the hybrid console is only two years old.

We just have to wait to see if the Sony console will accompany the arrival of the latest exclusive such as Dreams or The Last of Us 2!

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