Nintendo predicts a future without a console!


Frachement Nintendo boss Shuntaro Furukawa talked about the future of the consoles and according to him major changes are coming.

Nintendo: Bye bye consoles and Hello Cloud Gaming
For him, consoles, will be without console …

Our strategy will strengthen video game consoles

Shuntaro Furukawa's words are at least astonishing, especially when we know it's the recent Switch hybrid console that allowed Nintendo to turn red after its mouse on the phone. With 35 million copies sold worldwide until March in just two years, the consoles still seem to have a voice on the Nippon glove. However, Shuntaro Furukawa told the Japanese newspaper Nikkei: In the long run, perhaps our strategy will power video game consoles – flexibility is just as important as creativity .

He also explained: For now, we will deliver the Nintendo experience based on the Nintendo Switch, which we are the only one to develop, and the software that accompanies it. That said, technology is evolving. And we need to think flexibly about how to continue delivering that experience over time . If we read between the lines and we can measure the importance of streaming and Cloud Gaming … A future without console is finally the way to stay in the race!

More users and less operating expenses

It should be said that Sony and Microsoft, the industry heavyweights did not hide the ambition of Cloud Gaming, Nintendo only shares this view. Some people have to wonder why Cloud Gaming becomes so important to manufacturers. To answer this question, at least two reasons may be given.

First, let's remember what Bryan Garnier's analyst Richard-Maxime Beaudoux said: Streaming allows publishers to be present at all points and reach customers who do not have a console, but a smartphone, as computing power is carried on remote servers . The Switch has already resorted to this solution if we take the Resident Evil example.

Second, switching to Cloud Gaming will be an impressive source of savings for large groups, who can dedicate those resources to software, servers, and games. In fact, without a console, without more logistics chains, without more manufacturing, without more supplies, etc. Termin also legal wars with suppliers …

The question that may legitimately be asked is: Will the Switch be the last Nintendo console? Only Nintendo can answer that question in the coming years.

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