MRI launches yellow alert for heavy rains: several regions of the country in question


The alert will end on Wednesday morning at 11am.

OThe Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) is launching a yellow alert for an active rain zone on Tuesday night from Wednesday from 1am to 11am. Locally, rainfall totals of more than 20 millimeters in six hours are possible in the northeast of the country. The yellow code is valid for Brussels and the provinces of Liège, Namur, Walloon Brabant, Luxembourg, Flemish Brabant, Limburg and Antwerp.

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Tonight, the weather will be very cloudy. It will be relatively dry with some local rains, but the rains will gradually spread from the southeast of the country. The rains will hit the north and west in the late evening and on the morning of Wednesday. The minimum will be between 9 and 12 degrees.

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Wednesday In the morning, the rains will affect mainly the center and the north of the country. Then the weather will get drier with some slabs. In the afternoon, cumuliform clouds will develop and may manifest in showers, especially in the west of the country. Thunderstorms will be possible. The maximum will be between 16 and 19 degrees. At night, the sky will rise with only a few high clouds.


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