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Mons's council canceled … for lack of advisers



Many elected representatives of the majority are absent. After waiting, the opposition raised the candles.

Those who waited impatiently before the Facebook page of the town of Mons, the commune council start would have been disappointed. The meeting was indeed canceled, and the quorum of the elect was not reached. It was on the side of the majority that the elected officials shone through their absence. After forty minutes of waiting, the opposition in full, with the exception of David Bouillon, who sat as an independent, decided to raise the candles. CDH, PTB and Mons en Mieux wanted to make a strong gesture to denounce the lack of respect.

"It's je-moi-foutisme", striking Georges-Louis Bouchez of Mons in Better. "This has never happened in twenty years, confirm Richard Miller and Francois Colette, which shows the lack of investment on the part of the majority and questions the authority of Bourgmestre Nicolas Martin on his elected officials." Expected more from PS Mas de Ecolo who wants to give lessons good governance, is still a challenge. "

For Nicolas Martin, the council could have taken place. "I recognize that it is the majority to secure a quorum, but we could have insured the councilsays the bourgmestre. Sick and licensed counselors were coming. We proposed to the opposition to start our work in the meantime, she did not want to do it and preferred to make a strong gesture. It's not a very constructive attitude. "

This canceled notice should not be rescheduled within the next few days. "Let's look in detail in the agenda to see if any of the files do not require an urgent decision, if not, we will wait until the end of the elections to hold a new council." The weather will be calmer ", predicts Nicolas Martin.

This cancellation may still have an unusual consequence in the city of Doudou. The regulation on the electoral post had to be approved by the communal council. It may therefore be that the public signals also shine by their absence.

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