Malaury Nataf, from SDF to return as Lola Garnier, she played Honey and Bees



The famous interpreter of Lola in Honey and bees takes up its role of worship.

24 years after the series of the phenomenon Honey and bees (spin-off ofHelen and the boys) and her mythical role of Lola Garnier, the actress is preparing to return to television in The mysteries of love

At age 47, the actress, in fact, will resume her role as Lola in the series transmitted by TMC. Your character is none other than "Helene's cousin, herself personified by Hélène Rollès


explained Mallaury Nataf for
TV Star.
She left 25 years ago for a long trip around the world. We discover it when she returns from Latin America, that she followed the teaching of a Kabbalist, which means someone who knows the Tradition. "

Without a fixed address for several years, the artist went through an infernal descent until she was removed from her care. However, she has found a roof since August 2018.

Still on the TV Starshe explains that she had trouble finding work until recently. " Trgetting along with ordinary people in common jobs is impossible for me "

points out the actress who filmed her first Mysteries of love this Wednesday. "In the first month, things are going well, and then somebody recognizes me, the clientele learns, and suddenly the whole neighborhood knows it, everything gets very complicated, hellish, it's bad for the business. rebuilding my life was AB Productions. "

Mallaury Nataf does not count resolve not to bethat is " long-term. "I have a diamond in preparation"concludes the mother, referring to a near return to the theater at this time. The design of your life.


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