Looking for a job? 400 jobs should be filled in this little-known but expanding sector


The recycling and waste sector is unarmed. The companies want to hire 400 workers. What are the profiles? They are extremely varied. We went to a factory in Engis, in the province of Liège, to discover this sector.

A metalworker for 14 years, Julien has reoriented his career. We found it in Engis. Over the past 18 months, he oversees a factory where 1,500 different types of waste, including zinc, are recycled.

A change of course he does not regret. "The attraction of the sector is that it is a promising sector and a sector of the future. We talk more and more about it. I also like this sector because we treat all types of material. Each discipline requires different treatments, so it broadens the possibilities and expands my personal knowledge. No two days are the same"says Julien Neuray, operations manager at Revatech.

In 2014, the company evaluated 145,000 tons of waste per year. This year, it can exceed 190,000 tons.

We are in full swing, in full development

From the driver to the engineer, without forgetting the salesman, it was necessary to recruit to meet the growth. "We hired 9 people last year. We will probably start 4 or 5 this year. So it's 14 when we were only 75 or 76, two and a half years old. We are in full swing, in full development"says Michel Bauduin, CEO of Revatech.

We often stop at the conclusion that the garbage is dirty and stinks

In Wallonia, 400 vacancies must be filled for recycling. The industry is launching a seduction campaign to fill that gap. "Many times, we stop to notice that the garbage is dirty and stinks, and therefore there is a lack of knowledge of our sector"says Raphaëlle Pollet, Employment Manager of the Federation of Circular Economy Companies Go4Circle. "First, there is job security. We will be hiring more and more, there will be more and more jobs, so there is real security. These are tasks that are not relocatable"she adds.

In Belgium, it is estimated that recycling and the circular economy could generate 36,000 jobs by 2020.


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