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LIVE – "Yellow Vests": the movement may continue tomorrow

The day after the mobilization of "yellow jackets," which brought together about 288,000 people throughout France, all eyes turned to the Elisha and Matignon, falling behind.

Demonstrators, protesting against rising fuel taxes and declining purchasing power, blocked all roads Saturday, November 17, roundabouts, hypermarkets or toll booths. And then a particularly intense day in France, marked by some excesses, the mobilization continues again on Sunday. At the microphone of RTL, Christophe Castaner, the Minister of Interior and 150 sites where "yellow vests" continued to be heard.

The villager of Place Beauvau, however, called for "demonstration according to law" while the mobilization of the previous day was one dead, 409 injured and led to the arrest of 282 demonstrators.

Follow the events minute by minute

22:27 – A driver who fell in a dam by "yellow vests" on Saturday in Firminy, Loire, injuring several people, will be mentioned Monday morning before the parquet of Saint-Etienne. One of those injured was prescribed a total work interruption (TTI) of 45 days and another a TTI of 7 days.

22:04 – Circulation was partially reopened in a portion of the A4 motorway, closed yesterday due to damage during a blockade of "yellow vests" in Sainte-Marie-aux-Chênes in Moselle.

9:23 pm – Prime Minister Philippe Philippe also denounced "scenes of anarchy" during the blockades, although he do not put "everyone in the same bag".

8:55 p.m. – At the invitation of France's 20 o'clock, Édouard Philippe said he heard "the suffering" expressed by the "red vests", but guarantees that "the cable will be maintained". "It's not when it's blowing that you have to change course"the Prime Minister hammered.

8:05 a.m. TO Besançon, the appointment is already made for the 6 of Monday morning of the École-Valentin and the Mercureaux in Beure, indicates The Parisian. Next to Brioude (Haute-Loire) the "yellow vests" also decided to continue the movement, as well as in the Morbihan, where protesters ensure truckers will join them.

19:38 – The prefecture of Dordogne evokes on Twitter a "possible renewal of movement yellow jackets "Monday". Think of anticipating your moves, "she says. In the Landesthe "yellow jackets" also announce a third day of consecutive mobilization, reports Sud Ouest.

6:50 p.m. – A "yellow waistcoat" was seriously injured near Saint-Quentin, in the Aisne, when a driver has forced a dam at the end of the morning. The protester did not have time to dragged about fifteen meters. The driver has fled and is still actively sought.

18:42 – according the republican east, the "yellow vests" Franche-Comté decided to go block the PSA plant in Sochaux-Montbéliard to block supply trucks. Police were dispatched on-site to allow staff to receive their services.

18h16 – He made the netizens happy yesterday, in sitting alone in the chair on the roadin Montluçon. Eric, wearing a yellow vest, said he wanted to "score the blow."

5:48 PM – The yellow jackets already planned a second big day of mobilization on Saturday, November 24. An event was created on Facebook, called "Act 2: All France in Paris!". It already has around 10,000 participants and 70,000 people have expressed interest.

5:26 pm – The situation tends in Lorena. The police made use of tear gas against protesters in Frouard, near Nancy. They try to dislodge the irreducible "yellow vests" that took position along the A31, reports East Republican.

16:58 – Traveling to Germany to celebrate the Franco-German friendship, Emmanuel Macron did not in no way expressed on the mobilization of "yellow vests". Instead, he called for a rebirth in Europe to avoid global "chaos."

16h31 – Several racist and homophobic outbursts have been reported during blockades. In Cognac, Charente, a video shows "yellow vests" shouting: "Go home! Go back to your country"for a black driver and his passenger.

15h56 – The driver at the death of a demonstrator yesterday in Savoie was indictment to "for intentional gun violence by fate (in this case the car, ed) having caused the death not wanting to give"says the Chambéry Chamber of Commerce. placed under judicial control.

3:26 a.m. – Guest of Grand Jury at RTL on Sunday, Marine Le Pen has called for the cancellation of the tax increase. "The government takes the left hand more than it gives the right hand. That's why the French are on the street, "said the president of the National Meeting.

2:35 p.m. – At the end of this second day of mobilization of "yellow vests", the prime minister Édouard Philippe to speak in France's 20-hour newspaper 2Laurent Delahousse said on Twitter.

14h24 – O Government "of course heard this event (…) who wanted to show that there was a ras-le-bol, "said Gerard Darmanin. The Minister of Action and Public Accounts, invited by Radio J, however, explained that" The duty of government was to transform the economy to make it less dependent on oil.

01:52 – Lyon Mayor Gérard Collomb, who left the Interior Ministry a month and a half ago, called on Sunday to "listen to our territories" against the "yellow vests" movement.

1:44 pm – According to research published by Sunday newspaper62% of the French think that it is necessary to "give priority to purchasing power, even if it means moving less rapidly in the energy transition" in the coming years.

1:26 pm – Traveling to Berlin, Emmanuel Macron will not talk about the mobilization of "yellow vests." "This day of November 18 is a day of national mourning in Germany, and the President of the Republic must take into account." There is a duty of decency that is necessary, "says the Elysee.

13:07 – A councilor from Bourg-en-Bresse and his companion were violently assaulted by "yellow vests" during the mobilization on Saturday. As reported by La Voix de l'Ain newspaper, they were attacked, insulted and threatened with death by protesters while they were on the way to shopping.

12:51 pm Vinci Autoroutes provides real-time freeway traffic. Many points of difficulty are posted on your website. Follow your interactive map if you have to drive this afternoon.

Many difficulties are noted by the Vinci highways
Many difficulties are noted by the Vinci highways
Credit: Screenshot / Vinci

12h22 – "It is perfectly legitimate that political movements support those who wish to demonstrate … You will not be able to attract me elsewhere than the merits of the matter," said Marine Le Pen, while some rallies had not been authorized by the city hall.

12h18 – "We will not solve environmental problems if we do not leave the total free trade model," she added, calling for "a complete paradigm shift."

12:14 pm
Marine Le Pen picks up the motivations of the "yellow jackets" while "gas increased by 21%, oil by 30% and gasoline by 14%." "It is unbearable, the government takes more of the right hand than gives the left hand … The increase of these taxes has nothing to do with ecology, it is just about to make money back to the state coffers," said the president of the National Meeting.

12:10 pm On the other hand, Marine Le Pen took the opposite of several demonstrators who pointed out the state's responsibility in the incidents. "I'm not going to say it's the government's fault," she says.

12:09 pm The President of the National Encounter mentions a "great success of the French people" after the mobilization of "yellow vests" and "encourages the government to say that it heard the message".

11:59 a.m. – Marine Le Pen is the guest of the "Grand Jury RTL / Le Figaro / LCI" on Sunday. He will answer questions about the mobilization of "yellow jackets" and the decline in purchasing power. To watch the live video on

11:45 a.m. – Jacline Mouraud had denounced "state responsibility" after the death of a demonstrator in Savoy. This morning, Christophe Castaner replied to the one who became a figure in "yellow vests." "This lady is becoming a media star and is ready to say anything and do anything," he said, "let's take on our responsibilities." I would like Jacline, who asked for mobilization and disorganization. the country, also assumes its responsibilities. "

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11h39 – Why did the executive remain so silent about the mobilization of "yellow vests"? Elements of response in our article.

11:11 a.m.
A procession of dozens of cars is also present at Disneyland Paris, according to information from the Parisian. These protesters, wearing yellow and tricolor waistcoats, took a position at the parking lot in Chessy at about 10:15 am.

11:08 –
Of the 2,034 rallies yesterday, about 150 are still relevant, according to the latest figures provided by the Interior. Traffic is still cut south of Bordeaux from Mios (A63), north of Bayonne (A63), south of Toulouse (A68) on the Bandol toll (A59) or the ring road of Rennes and the ring road. They fall.

10h56 –
Yesterday the demonstrations were enameled by a real drama. A demonstration was made by a panicked driver, Pont-de-Beauvoisin in Savoie. The victim's daughter called "quiet and intelligence" on the RTL microphone.

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10h37 – Numerous incidents have rallied organized rallies, sometimes illegally, across France. 282 people were arrested and 157 were arrested.

10:29 – The Minister of the Interior also returned to the heavy human tribute of these events. In addition to the drama in Savoie, where a protester was fatally shot by a driver, 409 people were also injured, 14 of them seriously.

10:15 a.m. RTL's guest on Sunday, Christophe Castaner, the Interior Minister, drew a new record of the events of the previous day. In total 287,710 demonstrators were deployed on 2,034 sites occupied throughout France.

10:00 am – Hello and welcome to this article to accompany the mobilization of "yellow vests," which continues this Sunday, November 18.

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