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Liège: Attemptive by meurtre dans le Carré!


Il frappe son plusieurs rival couteau coups puis commet un tentative de vol

After a couple of sales to the samedi, vers 4 heures, the police from Liège are appelée for plusieurs who have come to see a man in frapper an autre of plusieurs coupe de couteau.

Both of them if there are no disputes for a raise which is in this place and with the blessing, the series of fun touch is also unable to work for more.

Evidently, lorsque the policiers without arrivés sur the lieux de la bagarre, l'agresseur avait for the fuite. Pas pour bien longtemps…

In fact, those minutes plus late, a man corresponding to the signaling of the suspect to the aggression of two litigants who made centennials of meters plus loin. There, too, I'm the sort of a couteau in my country and I have the temps of l'utiliser pour commettre son forfait.

The police are in effect arrivée sur place in the second second. Voyager of the representatives of the forces of the arriver, the aggressor is the sun, the lassant of the tomber son couteau.

Interrogate, Jawad, a homeless man in a situation that is illegal to some time in block. The pourtant is retrouvé avec le couteau et été reconnués by the victimes and the same film for the surveillance cameras.

In spite of these denegations, Jawad is deprived of liberation and deference, sampled by the parquet of Liege for the attempt of my love and violence.

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